Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Where are Acceptance Windows and Doors manufactured?

A. Our windows and doors are manufactured by Window Mart (WM), which is located in Royal, Arkansas. WM was founded in 1947 and supplies thousands of windows in 25 states with various options to meet every customer’s specific needs of colors and sizing. 


Q. What types of payment methods do you accept?

A. We accept cash, check, Paypal, all major credit cards, and we offer financing. Learn more here


Q. Do you offer financing?

A. Yes, we offer financing through Fiona, click here to learn more


Q. Is there a warranty available for my windows/doors?

A. Our Lifetime Limited Warranty includes accidental broken glass replacement at no charge, saving you money in the future. We also provide a warranty for windows that have manufacturing or material defects. Our installation service is also covered under warranty. Learn more

Q. What if there is a problem with my windows/doors after installation?

A. Please submit a Warranty Request by filling out this form. You can also reach out to the Sales Consultant that handled your installation by phone, text, or email. They will be more than happy to assist you.



Q. Are Acceptance Windows energy efficient?

A. Window Mart windows have Innergy Rigid Thermal Reinforcements which are advanced technological inserts  designed to slide into window and door chambers for greater support and insulation. Learn more here

All of the windows we install are double paned, with Low-E (short for low emissivity) transparent glass coating which reflects heat, and filled with Argon gas which is denser than air, adding insulation and reducing the transfer of heat through the glass. 


Q. How long do replacement windows last?

A. On average, replacement windows last 20 to 40 years. All of our replacement windows are backed by a limited lifetime warranty to give you peace of mind.


Q. When should I buy replacement windows?

A. We recommend replacing your windows if your home’s interior temperature fluctuates too much and/or if your utility bill becomes excessively high each month.


Q. Will replacing windows increase the value of my home?

A. Yes. Not only will new windows from Acceptance Windows & Doors increase your home’s value, but it’ll also raise your curb appeal and energy savings.



Q. When should I replace my entry door?

A. We recommend upgrading your door if it is damaged, has difficulty opening or closing, water coming in, and/or you have excessively high energy costs.


Q. Will a replacement door require a structural alteration?

A. No. Structural alterations aren’t necessary if the replacement door you choose is the same size as the door it is replacing.


Q. Do I have to get new locks if I replace my front door?

A. While it’s common to transfer your old door handle and locking mechanisms into a new door, it is possible to have new locks designed and included in the quote. 


Q. Are Acceptance Doors and Glass Patio Doors energy efficient?

A. Yes, we offer a variety of energy efficient options. 


Q. Will replacing my entry door and/or installing a glass patio door increase the value of my home?

A. Absolutely, replacing the entry door has an average return on investment (ROI) of 74.9% and installing a glass patio door has an average ROI of 70%.



Q. Who will install my replacement windows, doors, and siding?

A. Acceptance Windows & Doors offers professional installation services. Our factory-trained installers install our replacement products.


Q. Do you install replacement windows year-round? If so, will I lose a lot of heat/cooling at the time of installation?

A. We install replacement windows year-round. A standard install will take only one day. Our installers install one window at a time and are trained to do whatever necessary to minimize heating/cooling loss. The energy savings from the new windows will recover any additional costs incurred within a few days.


Q. Will the replacement windows be installed from the inside or outside?

A. The majority of our replacement windows are installed from both the inside and outside to ensure the best possible fitting. 


Q. How long will it take to get my replacement windows? How much time should I allow for the installation?

A. Currently, due to Covid-19 and hurricanes, delivery times have been delayed. Your replacement windows will be installed within 12-16 weeks from the date that the final measurements are taken. 

The type of replacement window being installed and type being removed help determine the amount of time needed to install your replacement windows. On average each window takes about 30 minutes. Trim work and cleanup will require additional time to complete. An average job will take a single day.


Q. How can I prepare my house for replacement windows?

A. Please take down curtains, blinds, or any other window treatments. Security sensors should also be removed and turned off by your security company. Please provide our installation expert with a clear path to the window(s) being replaced by moving anything that may be in the way. It is also advisable to remove all wall decorations from the walls close to the windows as they may fall during removal or installation.


Q. What happens to my old windows?

A. After installing your new replacement windows we remove every bit of debris from your property and dispose of it properly, including recycling the aluminum and every part that can be recycled. If you wish to keep your old windows, glass or storm windows, please notify the installer as soon as they arrive for your installation.