The REAL Costs of Window Replacement

costsAre you in need of a window installation? Have you been considering buying the materials from your local hardware store and hiring someone to install it? How about the present and future costs or all of the available options? Do you even know what all your options are?

Wait! Before you do anything, you should consider a few important things. 

Working with professional consultants who are trained in what the local and state energy requirements are and the appropriate measures for the window opening is vital. Mistakes happen due to false information on how to measure for a window and can cost a lot of unforeseen expenses to repair. 

At Acceptance Windows & Doors, we have the expertise to determine what type of window installation is best for your goals. Our sales consultants have experience in managing various situations and making the best use of the space available. Don’t deal with high-pressure salespeople. Our consultants seek to understand your goals and future needs to help you make a choice that you won’t regret for years to come. Don’t let the lack of general knowledge of available options cost you time, money, and peace of mind. In this article, we will highlight a few things to consider. 

Picking a Window Replacement Company

This is the tricky part! There are many companies out there. If you go with the lowest price available or even the most expensive, be sure to ask yourself these questions: 

  • Why are they priced that way? 
  • What are you really paying for? 
  • What goes into the replacement window cost?  


There are far too many varieties of replacement windows available to break this down easily. Therefore, we want to highlight that Acceptance Windows has lines from new construction builder grade to the highest name brand available. We have evaluated all the manufacturers’ products, quality, and pricing to provide you with the best value window for everyday needs with a simple no gimmicks lifetime warranty.

Window Costs

Window Installation

Knowing who is going to be installing your new replacement windows is one of the most important parts of the replacement experience that no one thinks about until it is too late.  

Our installation professionals are certified and trained in window installations with a general knowledge of all types of construction. They fully understand the importance of proper installation. All our professionals are fully insured and have passed an extensive background check process, along with our internal training program, to ensure the safest and best possible installation experience. 

However, providing the best window installation can come at an extra cost. Would you pay for two guys in a truck with no standards or technical training or no background check? Or would you rather have a certified professional with years of experience and a proven background of positive results? Buying cheap is just not a risk worth taking and not cost effective in the long term. Spend your money on quality products and service.


With the “Name Brand” options, you can easily find yourself sorting through the most expensive replacement companies, and most of the cost goes to advertising, marketing, branding, etc. Yes, this is an important part of any business, but Acceptance Windows and Doors has been successful despite these tactics and high-pressure sales techniques.  

We can offer a quality product and superior service while saving you money by not spending thousands of dollars on high-end advertising. It has been proven time and time again that word of mouth is the best and most cost-effective advertising method available, giving you the most honest and genuine feedback. Feel free to check our reviews on Angi, Facebook, Google, HomeAdvisor, and Yelp.

Our Single Contact Experience

Have you ever had an experience with a company where you had to talk to multiple people about one thing? Did someone forget to note the account just for the next person to have no clue what you previously discussed? How frustrating and time-consuming.

At Acceptance Windows & Doors, your sales consultant is your single point of contact throughout the entire process along with the window installation team. This has proven to be a game changer for the customer experience. We wonder why no one else in our industry is doing it! 

Your consultant will do everything:

  • Help you find the right product for your specific needs. 
  • Order the selected product. 
  • Schedule the installation. 
  • Communicate expectations and everything you need to know. 
  • Answer questions along the way. 
  • Be present and available on the day of the window installation. 
  • Follow up directly after the installation. 
  • Answer any questions that may arise after installation. 

This is construction, and mistakes may happen. In the event of a reorder or warranty claim, guess who you go to? The same person who has been there for you from day one. This is much more reassuring than our competitors who pass you off to production once the sale is complete. This is where orders get lost and important things fall through the cracks. 

Window installation is a huge expense, and we want to make you feel at ease every step of the way. By putting the customer first in all aspects, we have a system and product that surpasses the rest while still maintaining integrity, honesty, and providing great futures for all our customers!

Acceptance Windows & Doors is locally owned and operated in Denton, TX and we service all of Dallas-Fort Worth and most surrounding areas. Our products are budget friendly, made in the USA, and energy efficient. Schedule your FREE Consultation today!
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