Why is window glass so important? Nearly 65% of a window’s surface area is made up of glass. Choose windows that carry “insulated” glass units for superior windows for your home. “Insulated” glass is like a glass sandwich – it’s what’s in the middle that counts! That’s why Duralite® flexible spacers systems can be found between the glass in our windows. They have tested and documented superior performance in the retention of Argon Gas. So, you don’t have to worry about gas leaking out of your windows and into your home or the environment.

window replacement installation

When you’re shopping for replacement windows, consider the glass that is in the products. Compare between the different levels of quality in glass products. Windows designed with your comfort in mind should include:

Condensation resistance

Foggy windows occur when leaks between the panes of glass allow in moisture. To ensure that our windows will perform well in any climate, we only install windows that have undergone weathering tests in certified testing labs located across the country to verify durability in any climate.

Reduce solar heat

Energy efficient windows help reduce solar heat from coming into your home. Keep your home cooler when it’s hot outside with energy efficient windows. Prevent excessive heat from leaking in or cool air in the house from going out.

Retain heat during the winter

During the colder seasons, keep your house warmer with better quality window glass. Enjoy the noticeable reduction in your energy costs too. Argon gas in between window panes increases insulation. Argon is a colorless and odorless gas. It provides more thermal efficiency than air between the panes.

Let in natural light

Clear windows lead to beautiful views that you can enjoy for years. High quality windows won’t discolor. Superior color retention expands the lifetime of your home’s curb appeal. Privacy, can’t see in, but you can see out.

Sound proof Windows

Sleep more peacefully and enjoy downtime at home with windows that help reduce noise. Good windows make for good neighbors! Although residential windows are not 100% sound proof, you can choose windows with noise reduction technology.


At Acceptance Windows, we offer FREE LIFETIME glass replacement to the original purchaser of our products. That means that if you have windows installed by us, we’ll replace your broken window glass at no cost to you. Learn more about our warranties for replacement windows and doors.